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Hi and welcome to Jonponsvids.com, the place where I host all of my video game music escapades, blogging and a bit of pixel art on the side!

I'm a 26 year old Web Developer by trade but I'm also passionate about video game music, particularly 8-bit/chiptunes. I like to create both original tracks and covers of other great tunes, using software like Famitracker, SunVox and MilkyTracker.

Here, I'll be posting all of my video game music, writing blog posts about my favourite video game music and composers and including a gallery of all of the pixel art I've created!

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My Music

8-bit Shatter Album

8-bit rendition of the soundrack to the 2009 game, Shatter, composed by Module (Jeramiah Ross). Created using Famitracker with no expansion chips - 2 squares, one triangle, one noise and one DPCM channel.


Jontraton Judges All OST

Soundtrack for my first iPhone app puzzle/random game, Jonatron Judges All. Created using Famitracker and utilising the FDS expansion chip, helping it to give it that Gameboy vibe.


Laying Down The Banhammer OST

Soundtrack for my second iPhone app, Laying Down the Banhammer, which was a reaction-based game. Created using Famitracker and utilising the VRC6 expansion chip to help give the tunes a much fuller sound.


Halo: Combat Devolved Album

WIP renditions of the entire soundtrack for the 2001 masterpiece, Halo: Combat Evolved, originally composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. Created using Famitracker but with no expansion chips, including no DPCM samples, going pure classical 8-bit!



My Blog


    Sunday, 11th October, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    (Originally written on 4th October 2011) It’s hard to break this to you but I’m afraid, you are wrong. I’m not denying that really amazing graphics add a lot to a game because it does in a lot of cases. But good graphics needs to be twinned with decent gameplay. There are a couple of […]

  • Are we seeing a return to old school graphics?

    Sunday, 11th October, 2015 at 6:14 PM

    (Originally written on 20th August 2011) There are many people that enjoy the world of 8-bit graphics and the graphics of 10 or 20 years ago – nerds, The Black Eyed Peas, nostalgic people like myself. Even though we have advanced hugely over the last decade or so in terms of graphics, some games are […]

  • Video game composers – are they the real unsung heroes?

    Sunday, 11th October, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    (Originally written on 11th August 2011) When we talk about how good a game is, most of us talk about the gameplay, the graphics and the lasting appeal. Very few people actually talk about the soundtrack to a game. Why is this though? It is one of the key components to a game’s success – […]

Pixel Art

My Other Sites

  • Herbtacular Games

    Website Link

    The home of video game and website development following one man as he tries to create a half-decent games and websites (at some point), with plenty of failures along the way. Read about what we're currently producing, have produced and will produce in the future. Much producing. Follow all of our antics with regular blog posts as well as plenty of interaction via social media.

  • The VGM Emporium

    Website Link (Under construction)

    A website to celebrate all things video game music, this is a place that people can go to talk about VGM, enter competitions and share their projects and ideas with everyone. Weekly and monthly competitions, rated by peers and judges and a user system to track progress and other stats.

  • Jonherbst.co.uk

    Website Link (Under construction)

    Personal site for my portforlio of sites and code. Mainly to show off skills, what I've currently done and what plans I have for the future. Live feeds of updates to my Github, Tweets about development and current release dates for future projects.

  • Tea Fiends

    (Under construction - www.teafiends.co.uk)

    Custom built blog site for all things tea related and other recipes where relevant. Sharing custom-made brews, using interesting and different ingredients, as well as comparisons with store-bought alternatives. Video reviews and all-round random talk, giving a different side to food & drink reviewing - 5/5 cups. Suits you sir.